Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Diamond In The Rough

September 24, 2011

Having a chronic illness for so long can change a person’s perspective on life. You get to a point to where you are literally willing to do ANYTHING to get better. You start to sell things you normally wouldn’t do in hopes to preserve one’s life. For the worldly things don’t matter anymore. Only fighting for what is important does. 

My medicine and travel to see the doctor has been literally thousands of dollars. Let’s just say I could have bought many big things with the kind of money we're spending. Some of the medicine is from Switzerland and is ridiculously expensive. When we made the decision to sell our four-wheelers to help pay for my medicine, I told Kent, if I am selling my four-wheeler I want the kid’s pictures taken by a professional. He said, it's a deal. That may seem dumb to some, but in my eyes it was important. It has been three years and the photographer was doing a back to school shoot. So it was much cheaper than her normal shoots and those deals don't come around often. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get them done. I am physically not moving well and didn’t think that part through. LOL When we got to the site of the shoot the photographer was shocked and asked, “What is wrong with you”? LOL She is a little blunt and asked me a ton of questions. Hopefully, next year I will be well again and we will get the whole family's pictures.

I am so glad I pushed to get these pictures done for it has brought me so much joy just looking at them. My life right now can feel so frustrating and hard and yet inside of it I find my three beautiful diamonds holding me steady.  That is why I call this post, “The Diamond In The Rough”. For that is what they mean to me. The pictures bring me hope, joy and remind me of what I am fighting for. My kids have had to take on more responsibility this year than ever before and I am so grateful for them. I am sooo blessed!

In my original post I posted probably 20 out of 300 photo's, but with this being a public blog I will share a few.


My Diamond In The Rough, are 

My Kids


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